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My name is Ellie and I'm currently studying for a degree in Media & Cultural Studies, and I need some heeelp!

For the past year i've been a bit ill and had to miss some of the academic year. Determined not to have to repeat my second year, I have taken on the workload and been given extra time to finish it off. I'm down to my last couple of assignments, and have hit a huge inspiration-blocking wall!

How has the analysis of media texts been influenced by Marxism OR Structuralism OR Psychoanalysis? Answer should include an analysis of a single media text.

Complete an essay on a topic of your choice. Within this essay, you should apply one of the following theoretical discourses:

'The Culture and Civilisation' Tradition
'Mass Society'

to the study of either a single media text, single genre or single media form.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated,, if this isn't allowed here please delete as you see fit!
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