Realm (realmwalker1) wrote in media_studies,

New Project

Hi, My name is Karen and I am an animation student at Westwood, but I am interested in digital media specifically internet content. I thought I would throw this out and see what other people thought of it and if there might be others who may have the same interest.

I am thinking of trying to develope a learning suite for children. The main delivery would be online but with possible outlets for print and cd/dvd. It would teach children basic skills in order to get them ready for school, including social skills, health issues, personal diversity and acceptance, etc...
My idea is to create content utillizing a recurring cast of characters, games and other interactive content that would be updated weekly. Think of it as something like a mix of Seasame Street & Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in 2D and online.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to or just talking about such a project?
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